This video is the first in our series of Terracorp "How to Videos"

The video series is being put together to answer all the frequently asked questions that the Terracorp Team receives from our customers each day. We are starting off the series by answering one of our most common questions:

What is the correct way to plumb up a water tank?

It’s very important that you choose the right fittings when plumbing your water tank. There's nothing worse than investing time and money to set up your water tank only to have issues when you want to start filling your tank.

Terracorp water tanks come standard with a Poly BSP (British Standard Pipe) Fitting. The fitting is ready for use at time of purchase and is raised to prevent sludge pick-up and to retain some water weight, which is an added benefit in making the tank more stable in exposed areas.

All our tanks are made of polyethylene and are designed to expand when full. So, all plumbing to the tank MUST be flexible so the fitting doesn’t come away from the tank when the tank expands.

In this video we review 4 different plumbing set ups to show you what can happen if you don’t set your plumbing up properly from the start, and what we recommend as the best set up for your water tank.



Here are some final tips we recommend to ensure your tank is plumbed correctly:


  • Care should be taken to support all pipe fittings independently to minimise stress on base plumbing
  • To ensure your water tank is plumbed correctly, please use only appropriate fittings
  • And make sure that all the joints are well sealed and watertight so there is no light penetration


If you have any further questions about plumbing or installing your water tank, view our Installation Guide or call our team on 1300 784 489.