Photo Descriptions

1 : 25,000L Water Tank in Mist Green (featured image)
2 : Three Mist Green tanks installed
3 : Merino Beige and Mist Green tanks on site
4 : Top view of three Mist Green tanks
5 : Size comparison of 25,000L and 30,000L tanks (only height differs)
6: Tank in Merino Beige

25,000L Poly Water Tank

When you need to store large amounts of rain or bore water on your property this is the tank for you. Our 25,000 litre tank is a moulded one piece construction with domed top.


  • Product Code: WT25
  • Capacity: 25,000 Litres (5,500 Gallons)
  • Weight: 400kg
  • Diameter: 3450mm
  • Overall Height: 3050mm
  • Inlet height: 2400mm
  • Manhole height: 2650mm (from ground)


  • 455mm access lid (top)
  • 50mm inlet and outlet fittings
  • 90mm overflow

Optional extras

  • Leaf basket and additional fittings available by request
  • Tank level indicators available for purchase
  • Full Colourbond range available