Water Tanks

Tubs & Troughs

  • 450 Litre Round Tub

    450 litre round tubs, are ideal as water storage or pot plant tubs.
    They are lightweight and recycled material is available, the most popular use is for ponds and lick tubs for stock.

    Product Specifications: Base: 1050mm / Top: 1300mm / Height: 450mm

  • 400 Litre Trough

    These are suitable for gardening, stock water troughs and aquaponics.

    Product Specifications: Weight: 25kg / Height: 250mm / Length: 2300mm / Width: 800mm

  • 500 Litre Trough

    Most popular use is for stock water troughs, fish ponds and fruit packing plant use.

    Product Specifications: Weight: 35kg / Height: 350mm / Length: 2300mm / Width 800mm