Water Tanks

Water Tanks

Water Tanks
Our experienced staff can turn your idea into a quality finished products using the rotational moulding process. Our most popular rotational custom moulding products include gear covers and inspection pits. We also offer a poly welding service.
  • 30,000 Litre Poly Water Tank

    This is the biggest tank in our range holding a massive 30 000 litres of water. If you have no restrictions on size, space or heights then buy the biggest.

    Product Specifications:
    Weight: 500kg / Height: 3400mm / Diameter: 3500mm / Inlet Height: 2800mm / Manhole height from ground: 3030mm
    Product Code: WT30

  • 25,000 Litre Poly Water Tank

    When you need to store large amounts of rain or bore water on your property this is the tank for you. Our 25 000 litre tank is a moulded one piece construction with domed top.

    Product Specifications: Weight: 400kg / Height: 3050mm / Diameter: 3450mm / Inlet Height: 2400mm / Manhole height from ground: 2650mm
    Product Code: WT25

  • 10,000 Litre Poly Water Tank

    For the serious water saver where suburban backyard space is not a problem. Good size for rural blocks for rain water collection in the wet and bore water storage in the dry.

    Product Specifications: Weight: 175kg / Height: 2220mm / Diameter: 2400mm
    Product Code: WT10

  • 5,000 Litre Poly Water Tank

    Taller Squat tank. Not too big not too small. Ideal storage for bore water or suburban households with a bit of space in the backyard.

    Product Specifications: Weight: 112kg / Height: 2180mm / Diameter: 1720mm
    Product Code: WT5

  • 3,000 Litre Poly Water Tank

    The Squat tank, low and compact, ideal for rural or suburban blocks. Doesn’t take up too much space and excellent value for money.

    Product Specifications: Weight: 75kg / Height: 1430mm / Diameter: 1720mm
    Product Code: WT3

  • 2,100 Litre Slimline Poly Water Tank

    Designed for suburban installations. The ribbed slimline design fits into tight spaces along walls or under eaves.

    Product Specifications: Weight: 125kg / Height: 1900mm / Diameter: 820 x 1920mm
    Product Code: SL2100

  • 1,000 Litre Poly Water Tank

    Small water storage tank suitable for small rural blocks and suburban backyards. It’s a tonne of water!

    Product Specifications: Weight: 31kg / Height: 1270mm / Diameter: 1140mm
    Product Code: WT1

  • 550 Litre Poly Water Tank

    The smallest tank in our range comes with a ribbed design and fits into almost any position.
    Great for those who enjoy rain water for drinking or tea making.

    Product Specifications: Weight: 25kg / Height: 1195mm / Diameter: 780mm
    Product Code: WT550

  • 800 Litre Poly Cartage Tank

    This cartage tank can be set up for use as a fire fighting unit, crop spraying unit or fertigation tank.
    Fit out as per customers’ requirements.

    Product Specifications: Weight 45kg / Height: 900mm / Diameter: 1320 x 920mm
    Product Code: CT800