The INPEX Gas Project

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In 2015, in collaboration with Redline Plumbing, Terracorp supplied 360,000 litres of water storage capacity to the prodigious INPEX offshore gas project. Despite little lead time, the tanks were able to be custom fitted out and delivered and installed on time and budget.

Project Details


Redline Plumbing




To supply a water storage capacity of 360,000 litres to the Inpex project, at less than a weeks notice. For all tanks to be delievered and installed in one day.


We supplied 12 x 30,000 litre water tanks to local company, Redline Plumbing, destined for use on the INPEX Gas Project.

Before leaving our factory, each tank was fitted with custom sized fittings, that were poly welded into place, . Terracorp then co-ordinated the secure transport of all tanks to the site where they were installed.

custom, quick – able to execute

Project was delievered on time and budget.

Follow up

Projects now complete and exporting gas to the world from Darwin Harbour.

There were no issues and the tanks were sold on now the project has finished.

Over the duration of the five year project, we were called on to supply a large number of tanks to various companies and sub-projects involved in the projects.