Wagners – Inpex – Ichthys LNG Project

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From 2012 to 2017 Terracorp supplied a number of tanks to various contractors and companies for the INPEX project. We were engaged by Wagner’s to supply them with tanks for the duration of the project, for various stages of construction.

Project Details




2012 – 2017

Holtz Quarry

We supplied and installed a number of tank farms on site. Surplus water coming out of the Quarry was pumped and stored in these tank farms, this water was then reused for dust suppression.

Inpex Concrete Batching Plant

Wagners held the major contract on site to supply concrete for construction. At peak of construction demand on the batching plant was a 24/7 pour.

These required large volumes of water on demand taking into consideration this was a temporary site.

We supplied a large number of tanks for this section of the project for various applications ranging from cold water storage to large volumes of storage on demand and water treatment plants.