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We deliver to the Northern Territory and top end of Western Australia

We deliver locally or can assist in arranging transportation for further distances, or larger loads. You are welcome to organise your own freight and we have preferred suppliers we can recommend. Freight collections need to be arranged with 24 hours notice at minimum.

The cost of delivery will vary depending on the circumstances. We strive to keep costs to a minimum and to find the best pricing for your delivery. Free local delivery may be available in some circumstances, subject to terms and conditions. Please contact us to find out more.

Delivery to site is subject to the terms and conditions of Terracorp and other carriers.


It is critical that there is a clear path for the delivery truck to access your site. This includes clear access on roads, gateways, crossings, driveways and all other thoroughfares. Be sure to inspect for overhanging or protruding trees/branches and other plant life. In addition to allowing clearance for vehicles, we wish to avoid scratching your product in any way.

Our widest tank (25–30k L) is 3.5 metres wide, requiring a 3.6 metre clearance on any gate it needs to pass through.

If the road to the delivery point is unsuitable, the driver will decide to either deliver to the closest point achievable or return to the depot where the tank will be available for collection. If redelivery is required there will be a fee involved.

Whilst it isn’t required that someone be on site for delivery, it is highly preferable.

Please be sure to provide detailed, clear instructions to assist in locating your block, if needed.

Got questions? Talk to us about your needs.

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