Photo Descriptions

1 : 30,000L Water Tank in Mist Green (featured image)
2 : Tank in Mist Green and White
3 : Daryn (Managing Director) indicating height of the 30,000L tank
4 : Tank set up for agricultural use

30,000L Poly Water Tank

This is the biggest tank in our range holding a massive 30,000 litres of water. If you have no restrictions on size, space or heights then buy the biggest.


  • Product Code: WT30
  • Capacity: 30,000 Litres (6,600 Gallons)
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Diameter: 3450mm
  • Overall Height: 3390mm
  • Inlet height: 2800mm
  • Manhole height: 3030mm (from ground)


  • 455mm access lid (top)
  • 50mm inlet and outlet fittings
  • 90mm overflow

Optional extras

  • Leaf basket and additional fittings available by request
  • Tank level indicators available for purchase
  • Full Colourbond range available